Our Story & Materials

My name is Adam Maqboul and I'm the founder and sole artisan here at 80Proof Goods.


During the early days of the pandemic in 2020, I started experimenting with leathercraft after purchasing a Cricut Maker (a machine that cut vinyl, fabic, and other materials) for my wife. I decided to try my hand at making a wallet using cheap scrap leather, which turned out absolutely terrible - usable, but terrible. I was determined to make a good one. After several attempts, one finally came out with decent stitching and acceptable edges. I used it for a while as I went on the hunt for good leather.


After months of research and trial and error with different leather types, thicknesses and temperments, I landed on a series of full-grain leather hides that I knew I wanted to build a business around - our Minerva and Pull-Up leathers. While designing a few of my own products, like our Notebook Cover and Slim Minimalist Card Holder, I found myself hunched over my small thrifted drafting desk with a glass of whiskey for hours after coming home from a full-time job.


Fastforward to the summer of 2020, 80Proof Goods was born. We added a Glowforge to our workflow, launched a website, bought more whiskey, and hunkered down to try make this a sustainable, eventually full-time, business. I quit my day job October 2021 and took this business full-time. 


Thank you for taking the time to check out my work and for supporting my small business.

80Proof Goods is dedicated to handcrafting high-quality, full-grain leather goods; made with a glass of whiskey.


- Adam Maqboul

Our Materials


• full-grain Italian leather, imported from Tuscany

• smooth, soft texture

• vibrant pigment with matte finish

• patinas beautifully with a rich, deep color and slight sheen

• exclusively used in 3.5-4oz thickness


• full-grain pull-up leather that leaves beautiful light streaks when it creases

• water resistant smooth waxed top

• scratches easily buff out

• rustic and vintage appearances

• patinas beautifully while staying true to it's color overtime

• mostly used in 5.5oz thickness


• chosen for it's durability and wear that lasts for a lifetime

• primarily used for our Belts & Coasters

• smooth finish with tight, waxed flesh side

• patinas beautifully with a dark, slightly wrinkled finish that tells a story

• exclusively used in 8-10oz thickness.